Corona rapid tests and PCR tests in Hamburg Harburg

Without an appointment and with state-of-the-art procedures. Get tested for coronavirus at our professional testing centres: 

Corona rapid tests
  • Free of charge for those entitled according to the test ordinance (proof required)
  • 3,00€ personal contribution with cause according to test regulation (proof required)
  • 9,00€ for all other persons
PCR tests: 
  • Free of charge according to test regulation
    (In case of positive rapid test in the test centre or self-test at home and contact persons of infected persons – proof required)
  • 79,90€ for all other persons

Note: We only test people WITHOUT Corona symptoms. 

Our testing centers
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February 15 is the last day for many of our locations

Most locations will close on February 15, 2023. We will gladly still be there for you in Testme Eißendorf (Weusthoffstraße 30, 21075 Hamburg) from February 16.

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Our Corona test centers in Hamburg and surroundings

Our test centers

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Test overview

Corona rapid tests

Free of charge for persons entitled according to test regulation
3€ own contribution with reason according to test regulation
9€ for all other persons

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Further information

Frequently asked questions

PCR tests

Free of charge for persons entitled according to test regulation
79,90€ for all other persons

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You have the choice / smear types at TestMe

Anterior nasal swab
Nasopharyngeal swab
Oral pharyngeal swab
Lollipop saliva test

only possible for children

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Corona test in Hamburg Harburg 

We offer both officially recognized PCR tests (incl. laboratory report), and rapid antigen tests by nasal swab (incl. recognized test certificate). You will receive the result of the antigen test after 15-20 minutes. The result of the PCR test is usually available within 24 hours.


This is how the process works

  1. Book appointment

  2. Select type of test

  3. Stop by and get tested without waiting

  4. Get results

The medical management of

Our test centres are managed by the doctors Dr. med. Nora Bilir (specialist for internal medicine) and Mr. Frederik Brockmann (doctor for anaesthesia and intensive care medicine).

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Do you have any questions? Then please feel free to send us an email.




    Frequently asked questions

    General: People with corona symptoms

    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to test people with Corona symptoms. If you have Corona symptoms (e.g. cough, increased temperature or fever, cold, shortness of breath, disorders of the sense of smell or taste, sore throat, headache or pain in the limbs) please contact your GP or the doctor’s call / patient service number 116117 or visit the website for more information.

    General: What is happening if my rapid antigen test is positive or invalid?

    If your test result is positive, you are obliged to immediately place yourself in domestic quarantine. According to the Infection Protection Act, this is a notifiable disease. Therefore, we are obliged to forward your data to the public health department. This ensures that your contacts can be traced. In case of a positive antigen rapid test, you are welcome to have a free PCR test carried out by us.

    If the result of the rapid test is invalid, you will be informed immediately and have the option of repeating the test promptly and free of charge. However, this only happens in rare cases.

    General: How do I cancel my test and get a refund?

    Bei einer Buchung erklären Sie sich einverstanden die Kosten für den Test zu übernehmen. Ob die Kosten des Tests von Ihrem Arbeitgeber oder Ihrer Krankenversicherung übernommen werden, ist von Fall zu Fall verschieden und sollte von Ihnen im Vorfeld abgeklärt werden. Eine Rückerstattung im Falle eines nachträglich eingereichten Nachweises für einen Test nach TestVerordnung ist nicht möglich.

    General: What about my data?

    Your data is processed by us in accordance with DSGVO and is secure. In principle, your data will not be used or passed on. However, in the event of a positive result, we are obliged to forward your data to the health authorities.

    According to the Test Ordinance of 25.06.2021 §7 Para. 5 ff., we are legally obliged to keep the data for auditing purposes until 2024.

    General: Download consent form for minors

    Consent form for tests on minors

    Rapid antigen test: Free of charge, 3€ co-payment or 9€ self-payment?

    Entitled to free tests:
    • Children under 5 years, i.e. until their fifth birthday
    • People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, including pregnant women in their first trimester
    • Persons participating in clinical trials on the efficacy of vaccines against the coronavirus at the time of testing.
    • Persons for whom a test is required to end quarantine („free testing“)
    • Contact persons of infected persons, if these have been identified by a doctor or health authority
    • Household members of proven infected persons
    • Hospital visitors
    • Other visitors and persons treated or residents in inpatient or outpatient care and hospital facilities
    • Staff/employees from the health care system and certain facilities.
      Beneficiaries who employ persons within the framework of a „personal budget“ according to § 29 SGB IX, as well as persons who are employed by beneficiaries within the framework of a personal budget.
    • Family carers
    Einen Bürgertest gegen 3 Euro Eigenbeteiligung erhalten:
    • Persons before risk exposure: This applies, for example, before attending indoor events, concerts, theatre visits, etc.
    • Persons before risk exposure: This applies, for example, before attending indoor events, concerts, theatre visits, etc.
    • People who are shown a red tile („Increased risk“) by their Corona Warning app

    Note: Please observe the valid test regulation.

    More information:

    Rapid antigen test: What evidence is required for free tests and tests with a €3 co-payment?

    Nachweis des Anspruchs auf kostenlose Schnelltests:

    For infants, the proof is the birth certificate or the child passport, for pregnant women the maternity passport.

    Those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons must provide an original medical certificate stating the medical contraindication.

    Participants in vaccine efficacy studies can obtain proof of participation from the persons responsible for the studies and present it.

    Those wishing to be exempted must present the PCR test; the same applies to household members of infected persons, who also require proof of a matching residential address.

    When visiting nursing homes or hospitals, a free test can be taken on site or the visit can be made credible to the testing centre. For example, the sample form (PDF, not barrier-free, 6 KB) posted on the BMG website can be used as proof after confirmation by the nursing home for submission to the testing centre.

    Family carers must also provide the testing centre with credible proof that they are caring for a relative in need of care.

    Beneficiaries under a „personal budget“ and persons employed by them must also provide credible evidence of this circumstance. A person entitled to benefits under § 29 SGB IX can usually prove this by means of a corresponding notice.

    Proof of entitlement to rapid tests with 3€ co-payment:

    It is also necessary to be able to prove the entitlement for citizen tests with own contribution. This can be done, for example, by showing the Corona warning app with the status indication „increased risk“ or the ticket for an event, a reservation confirmation, an invitation or other proof from which participation on the same day can be deduced.

    The self-disclosure is recorded in writing.


    Rapid antigen test: How long is the test certificate valid?

    As a rule, the test certificate is valid for 24 hours. Please observe the currently valid Corona regulations in the respective federal state in which you would like to use your test certificate.

    Rapid antigen test: How will I be informed about the result of my test?

    You will receive your test result conveniently by e-mail or, if you wish, we can print out your test result directly on site.
    You can also view the test result in your customer account. Your result will be shown there together with your personal data as well as the time and date of the test.

    Rapid antigen test: How exactly does the rapid test work and how safe is it?

    The test we perform involves a swab in the nasopharynx, oral pharynx, anterior nasal region or, for children up to 6 years of age, also as a lollipop test. The great advantage of the antigen test is that the test result is already available after 15-20 minutes. The result is sent to you by e-mail and can also be printed out if desired. The rapid test we use meets the legal requirements (PEI validated) for a SARS-CoV-2 rapid test. It has a very high sensitivity and specificity. Therefore, it can detect or exclude SARS-CoV-2 with a very high probability.

    Rapid antigen test: Which rapid test types can be performed?

    In principle, we prefer to perform a deep throat swab for rapid antigen tests. This can be done through the nose or the mouth.
    Deep throat swabs have a much higher accuracy than an anterior nasal swab. Our medical management has decided in favour of this type of sample collection for quality reasons.
    If desired, we can also perform anterior nasal swabs. Please ask us about this before taking the sample.
    For children up to 6 years of age, we can also take saliva samples using the „lollipop“ test, in which the extraction stick is held on and under the tongue for approx. 20 seconds.

    Antigen-Schnelltest: Ist der Corona-Antigen-Schnelltest für mich geeignet?

    Basically, the test is suitable for you if you want to find out whether you are infected with SARS-CoV-2. This makes sense before meeting family members, friends or before returning to your own workplace. If you already have acute symptoms of corona disease, you cannot have the rapid test done at our centre. This is for the protection of staff and other fellow citizens. Should you experience acute symptoms, please contact the public health department, your family doctor or the doctor’s call number of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians at 116117.

    Antigen-Schnelltest: Ist der Schnelltest offiziell von den Gesundheitsämtern anerkannt?

    We use a rapid test approved by the competent state authorities. The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), as well as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), have now recognised corona antigen rapid tests as an elementary component of the testing strategy.

    Rapid antigen test: At what age may a rapid test be booked?

    In principle, a rapid test can be booked with us without age restriction. Adolescents aged 14 and over may have a rapid test carried out without an explicit declaration of consent from their parents. Children between 10 and 14 years of age may have the test carried out with a declaration of consent from their parents. Under 10s can only have a test if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children also need an identification document to present before the test is carried out.

      Declaration of consent for tests for minors

    Rapid antigen test: The test certificate cannot be opened

    Das Testzertifikat als PDF-Datei im Anhang unserer Email ist mit Ihrem Geburtsdatum verschlüsselt.
    Bitte geben Sie das Geburtsdatum inklusive der Punkte zwischen Tag und Monat ein. Zum Beispiel: 23.11.1985

    Rapid antigen test: I have not received an email yet

    If you have not received an email, please make sure to check the SPAM/Junk folder of your email inbox.

    Alternatively, you can log into your customer account and retrieve all findings from the last 14 days without encryption:

    You can also have the password reset to log in.

    Please note, as we can only send the findings to the email address registered in the system.

    If none of the options help, please come back to one of our test centres in Hamburg, where we can also print out the findings.

    PCR test: Processing time for PCR tests

    The processing time until your PCR test result is usually 24 hours.

    On weekends and public holidays, as well as in exceptional cases, the processing time may be 24 to 36 hours.

    The processing time depends on your test appointment as well as on the collection of the sample by our partner laboratory. Samples are collected twice a day: First collection between 12:00 and 14:00. Second collection between 16:00 and 18:00.

    Please also note the maximum validity of the PCR test (time of collection is crucial). As we have no direct influence on the turnaround times of the partner laboratory, all information is without guarantee.

    PCR test: Procedure and result for PCR tests

    Für unsere PCR-Tests wird ein Rachenabstrich über Mund und/oder Nase oder Rachenspülwasser (Gurgeltest) entnommen. Alle PCR Tests werden durch unser akkreditiertes Hamburger Partnerlabor durchgeführt. Wir haben keinen direkten Einfluss auf die Durchlaufzeiten und erhalten auch die Ergebnisse nicht direkt. Sie bekommen Ihr Testergebnis bequem per E-Mail. Zudem kann der Abruf der Testergebnisse mit Hilfe der Corona-Warn App oder über die Webseite des Partnerlabors ( erfolgen.

    PCR test: For whom are PCR tests free of charge?

    The following persons are entitled to a free PCR test:

    • Persons who have tested positive by means of a rapid antigen test.
    • Contact person to infected persons. Proof is required (e.g. letter from the public health department or the same registration address as the infected person): Letter from the health office or same registration address in the sense of a common household with the infected person).
    • Persons affected by an outbreak, e.g. in kindergarten, school, etc. (proof: letter from the public health department)
    • Persons who are about to be hospitalised, undergo outpatient surgery or rehabilitation (only applies to hospitalisation and surgery that is necessary for health reasons, proof: certificate from a doctor)

    Please also refer to the test prescription to determine if you are eligible for a free PCR test.



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